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Culture Night conference seat winner – University of Copenhagen

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1 November 2013

Culture Night conference seat winner

As part of the ‘Culture Night’ in Copenhagen, The Celebration Hall at the University of Copenhagen was open for visitors, Friday evening, October 11th. Here, the conference “An Open World” was promoted – and guests were given the opportunity to write recommendation to the UN concerning the subject of openness, and thereby participate in a draw for a seat at the conference which will be held December 4-6 in Copenhagen.

The winner is Leah Staffin. We look forward to see her and all the other attendees at the conference.

Read more about the conference and register: and see the latest news on Twitter: #anopenworld

Recommendations to the UN
We received many recommendations and calls for openness which will be considered for the final new open letter to the United Nations presented on Friday December 6th. Below you can read three selected recommendations:

“I call for the UN to promote equal access to free education for everyone everywhere.”

“Facing the challenges of www 3.0 and exchange of not only <xmls> and data, I would advice the UN to invest more on sharing “intelligent” info using smart, open, and interconnected data.”

“Listen to the skilled and hearted people behind the new open letter to the UN. That is important :-)”