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Military Technologies of Tomorrow – University of Copenhagen

Military Technologies of Tomorrow

Location: Kommunitetsbygningen, Nørregade 10, Udvalgsværelse 3
See map page 15, Time: Wednesday 14:00 - 15:30

Technological breakthroughs in the military domain challenges societal structures andorganizational principles. The topics of discussion include nuclear proliferation andrevolutionary developments in relation to drones, cyber war and nano-technology.

The session is chaired by Fernanda De Souza Barros and Co-chaired by Gurjit Singh Lalli.

The papers can be accessed by clicking the titles below. Please note that the papers are in progress and should only be quoted or circulated if permitted by the author.

Deen Chatterjee Niels Bohr and the Ethics of Cyber Warfare
Frederik Rosén Drone Technology and Precautionary Obligations
Kristen Bergtora Sandvik 

The Birth of the Humanitarian Combat Drone:
A Preliminary Typology

Olival Freire Junior, Diego Hurtado, Ildeu C. Moreira and Fernando de Souza Barros South America: free and safe from nuclear weapons
Ariel Kabiri Nano World Order: What to Expect and How to Prepare?